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Upcoming Projects


Upcoming Projects


The Broken Tower (Sci-Fi)

A man is rescued in the Scottish Highland. When he is identified, we learn that he was an astronaut who disappeared 11 years before, during a routine space mission. His former wife is confronted with her unresolved grief as they both try to make sense of this paradoxical event.

Director: Enrico Poli
Writer: Enrico Poli


The Pod (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

When an elderly entrepreneur  purchases his ‘Pod’, a futuristic coffin designed to ease him into the afterlife, he didn’t expect to burrow his way out again in search of a second chance at life and love.

Director: Samantha Harrie
Writer: Melissa Iqbal


Metal And Ice (Sci-Fi)

A careful rumination on the value of human life and the nature of friendship and family in a world where anything without immediate monetary value is considered irrelevant. In a dystopian future where the organs of the poor can be put upas collateral against their debts, Stella’s time is up. On the run from collection agents coming for her heart and lungs, she’s desperate to see her daughter, Haven, one last time.

Writer: Islay Bell-Webb


Rabbit (Drama)

Rabbit has lived all her life in the forest, kept in ignorance by her paranoid, controlling mother. But a chance encounter pitches her headlong into the modern world, where she faces
challenges more bewildering than anything then wilderness ever threw her.

Director: Georgia Oakley
Co-Producer: Helen Sifre
Writers: Simon Lord and AOK Simpson


Eric & Us (Drama)

The origin story of how witty, kind and undemonstrative ERIC BLAIR became the most famous British author of the 20th century, GEORGE ORWELL, following his tragic romance with his childhood sweetheart, bright, independent and strong-willed JACINTHA BUDDICOM.

Co-Producer: Helen Sifre
Writer: Jessica Jackson


Confined (TV-Series, Drama)

Four distinctive pieces in authored progression which tell thrilling, morally ambiguous, psychological complex and at times playful stories about women in a world where the stakes are high. Set in a fictional British women’s prison located on a mixed gender rehabilitation site, each unique portrait explores contemporary real world issues through the lenses of different women who live within the confines of this world.

Co-created by Samantha Collins & Rienkje Attoh
Producers: Rienkje Attoh, Emily Leo, Ivanna McKinnon